Gradient Tools

Tools to help you create gradient text in Minecraft.


RGB gradient creator

Animated TAB

TAB plugin gradient animation creator

TAB Animation Previewer

Preview TAB Animations without the need to put them in-game

Server tools

Tools to help configure and setup minecraft servers.

Spark Profile

Analyze Spark Profiles and get possible optimizations

Paper Timings

Analyze Paper Timings Reports and get possible optimizations


A simple script generator to start your Minecraft servers with optimal flags

Miscellaneous tools

Miscellaneous tools to help with random miscellaneous things.

Animated Textures

Easily merge textures for resource pack animations

Color Code Stripper

Strips all color / format codes from text

Preset Tools

Update older preset versions to the newest version


Botflop is a Discord bot that watches chat to chime in and provide suggestions.

Botflop responds to timings reports by viewing the server's configuration and suggesting potential optimizations. These optimizations will be unique to each timings report and each server. Botflop also uploads all text files to a paste bin for easier readability. No more having to download a config.yml, message.txt, or latest.log.


Binflop is Birdflop's spinoff of the original

Binflop improves upon Hastebin through the following methods:
  • Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C no longer copies button text nor line numbers.
  • Line numbering is correct across all browsers, all zoom settings, and all uploaded files.
  • Colors are more vibrant and visible.
  • Functions box no longer conceals part of the first line.
  • Added a "Hide IPs" button to hide all public IPs.
  • Links retain their content permanently.
  • Expanded REST API.


BirdTickets is a Discord ticket bot which provides premium features without a premium cost.

  • Create tickets through commands and/or reactions.
  • Close tickets through commands and/or reactions.
  • Automatically close tickets if the creator leaves your server.
  • Automatically close tickets if the creator is inactive.
  • Automatically send a transcript to the creator upon closure.
  • Automatically send a transcript to a specified channel upon closure.
  • Beautiful HTML transcripts.
  • And more...