Birdflop hosting

Premium Hosting at $3/GB

Why choose Birdflop?

sheer performance

Our servers utilize a Ryzen 9 3900XT (4.7GHz) and unlimited* NVMe SSD storage. You can request a dedicated core at no extra cost.


Our hosting costs $3.00/GB and can be most closely compared to PebbleHost's Extreme Hosting plan, which can cost up to $4.67/GB.

Fully Configurable

You'll have full access to your server's Pterodactyl Panel. You can set your flags to any value, and we'll set them to Paper's suggested flags by default.

premium Servers

It's the fastest Minecraft experience you'll ever have.

rapid connectivity

Our servers are located in New York City to provide rapid connectivity to both the continental United States and Western Europe

Priority Support

You can reach support at any time through our Discord server. To join our Discord server, please click here and create a ticket.

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Create a ticket on our Discord server for more information.