Funcitonality tools for Minecraft admins.

Botflop is a Discord bot that watches chat to chime in and provide suggestions.

Botflop responds to timings reports by viewing the server's configuration and suggesting potential optimizations. These optimizations will be unique to each timings report and each server.

Botflop uploads all text files to a bin for easier readability. No more having to download a config.yml, message.txt, or latest.log. Botflop also uploads pastebin links to binflop, evading government restrictions in some countries.

You can invite Botflop here, or you can view its repository here.


Hastebin made better.

Binflop is Birdflop's spinoff of the original Binflop improves upon Hastebin by patching annoying bugs and adding improvements.

Bugs patched


You can use Binflop by visiting You can also use its REST API to post documents.


Premium tickets without the premium.

BirdTickets is a Discord ticket bot aiming to provide premium features for free.


You can invite BirdTickets here, or you can view its repository here.


RGB gradients without a calculator.

RGBirdflop calculates RGB gradients for Minecraft. Enter a starting hex code, an ending hex code, and the text you want to gradient-ify! RGBirdflop supports gradients with up to four color stages in four common formats.