Subdomain Configuration

A subdomain allows players to connect to your server through rather than You can create a subdomain through the steps below.


Buy a Domain

You can buy a domain from websites such as Google Domains, GoDaddy, or NameCheap. We recommend using Porkbun as they tend to offer the cheapest domains. If you have a small budget, offers some free domains.

Set up an A Record

You'll now need to set up an A record with the following properties:

Type: A
Host: play (Setting this to play will make your subdomain be like You can use another value if you'd like)
Points to:
TTL: 30 min.

Set up an SRV Record

If you have a dedicated IP, you can skip this step - You are done. Otherwise, you'll need to set up an SRV Record with the following properties:

Service: _minecraft
Protocol: _tcp
Name: play (If you put in a different value in step 2, you must also change it here)
Target: (The subdomain you want players to connect with)
Priority: 0
Weight: 5
Port: 12345 (Change me to your port)
TTL: 30 min.

After setting up an SRV record, you may need to wait up to 30 minutes before it works.

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